Stephen Aldrich

Assistant Professor of Geography, Indiana State University

About Me

As a Human-Environment Geographer, I see the interplay of human and natural systems as an important and fascinating area of study. Of course, such interactions are inherently spatial, so my interests in teaching and research tend to be of a Geospatial nature, and integrate Geographic Information Systems, Remote Sensing, and other forms of spatial analysis. My current projects focus on the evolution of the cattle ranching economy and the changes it has caused to the environment in the Brazilian Amazon. I have also worked on projects closer to home, in Michigan and Eastern Massachusetts. While I appreciate the power and utility of geotechniques, I am also interested in environmental policy, links between land use and water quality, physical geography (both geomorphology and biogeography), cultural change, development geography, and the environmental and social aspects of globalization.

Summer 2013 Office Hours

-By appointment only.